Standing On the Edge


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All songs © SHE RIDES TIGERS 2015.
Recorded at Populist Recording in Wheaton, IL.
Produced by James Scott and SHE RIDES TIGERS.


released June 20, 2015

Joe O'Leary - vocals/guitar
James Scott - bass/vocals
Matt McGuire - drums/percussion


all rights reserved



SHE RIDES TIGERS Chicago, Illinois

She Rides Tigers is a fuzz guitar riff-laden power-trio blurring the lines between psychedelic rock and powerpop.

Joe O'Leary

James Scott

Ryan Birkett
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Track Name: Chase The Flame
She was riding
Eyes like lightening
Flame was brightening
She was rising
Higher than the sun at noon
I lost my love to the moon

Chase the flame

Above the trees, just you and me
The edges blur, we pick up speed
Higher than the sun at noon
I lost my love to the moon

Chase the flame
Track Name: Roll With It
Tonight we chase down every spark
They only come out when it’s dark
Catch the moonlight on the breeze
Black pool eyes up to our knees

Bring me the night
Roll with it, roll with it
Show me your light
Roll with it, roll with it

Blame the wild, excuse the thief
Take them out, extend belief
When we meet her, then you’ll know
Teeth like lions, skin like snow

Show me your light
Show me tonight
Show me the light
Show me tonight
Show me, show me, show me your light
Show me, show me, show me tonight
Track Name: Second City Suicide
Crawling through the underpass
Twisted steel and broken glass
Sifting through your patchwork past
Smashed up dreams that would not last

Tell me that you just can’t feel
Seems to me, it just got real

You’re a mix of silk and cyanide
Ripple through the asphalt far and wide
Second city suicide
Track Name: Standing On the Edge
We come from the cold
We’re young and we’ll never sleep
Torn from the mother
We’re young and we’ll never weep

Standing on the edge of a road
That nobody knows
We take what we get
But we get what nobody chose

We see through the surface
We’re young and we’re very old
Sent with a purpose
We’re young and we see your soul

We’re young and we see your soul
See your soul
Track Name: The Sky Opens Up
Remember when we were young
We’d chase the moon and lose the sun
Remember when times were tight
The street was dead, the lights were bright

The sky opens up
We don’t even make a sound
We don’t even touch the ground
The sky opens up

Remember when you’d taste the scream
Check your speed, you’d chase the dream
Remember when you saw the light
You took a breath, you gripped it tight
Track Name: Stronger
Walk all night
Searching for a note
Trade my pride
For an old dusty coat
I know the rules, so I break them
I know my way, and I’m not broken

Kick me when I’m down
Put me in the ground
And I’ll grow back stronger
I’ll grow back stronger

Take me down
Like a bullet in the rain

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